It’s been a while since I last produced an actor headshot! My most popular services are corporate headshots/business portraits and classic style portraits. So this is what I spend most of my time on.

Natural Light vs. Controlled Studio Lighting

As a photographer with a long history in both still life and portrait photography I do love to play with different light sources and the best place to do this is in my studio.

On the other hand, however, I feel that I must expand my activities far more into shooting with natural light, light that is available at the time of the shoot, with no additional ‘artificial’ lights. This is the ideal lighting for actor headshots as these kinds of portraits are meant to be of natural character.

Simplicity is Key!

I have a strong addiction to simplicity in my images; clear lines, clean backgrounds, little distraction and a clear focus on the subject.

Volunteers for Casual Headshots Wanted!

To expand my portfolio I am planning to do several location shoots in the area of central London, each about two to three hours at max. Depending on availability I may have support from my makeup artist, but preferably I’d go all natural.

For these natural-light/location shootings I am looking for a few protagonists who would like to spend some time with me to create a range of outstanding classic portraits. There is no particular schedule and I haven’t decided on the days to shoot on.

Got a Charismatic Face?

If you have an interesting face (you have to be interesting, not necessarily pretty!), and if you’d like to collaborate and invest some of your time in return for free high-quality headshots, please send me an email with a current photograph of yourself and your availability to [email protected]. Please use ‘Free headshot shooting‘ or something similar in your subject line.

Please Note
I will ask you to sign a straight-forward agreement that allows me to publish the resulting images on my website or on social media. In return, you are free to use the images you will receive from me for any purpose of your choice with no limitation.

All images are high-res and professionally processed.

Please send me your current photo to [email protected].