Being shot doesn’t have to be painful!

I know from many years of experience as a portrait photographer that many of us feel uncomfortable in front of a camera. This is normal and it is something I—as a photographer—have to work with. And to be honest with you, I love that challenge!

There is a different reason for each and all of us to feel either good or bad when having the lights and a camera aimed at us. Some of us are just shy (I can completely emphasise with those of you, I am a complete introvert!) and some just think they’re not blessed with as much good looks and stamina as Brad Pitt, Angela Lansbury or Barack Obama. You get the point.

However, what I’ve learnt, too, during many sessions with a broad variety of people is that most of the issues people may experience can be solved (or at least lessened) with some extra time. Give people time and involve them in the whole photographic process, and they will usually warm up and feel less anxious. Of course, involving people also means getting into a conversation with them, being genuinely interested in what they do, where they come from and other personal things like that. All this can only naturally lead to a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere if both me the photographer and the person I interact with can genuinely connect.