Portrait Photography

David Herm

Do Not Fear!

Being shot doesn’t have to be painful! I know from many years of experience as a portrait photographer that many of us feel uncomfortable in front of a camera. This is normal and it is something I—as a photographer—have to work with. And to be honest with you, I love ...

Headshots Near Me in Central London

When people search for the best business headshots in London one of the most frequently used search terms on Google is ‘headshots near me‘. This is weird as I would expect people to search for ‘best headshot photographer in central London‘ or ...

Last Minute Preparations

This is one of my favourite behind-the-scenes photographs from any of my past shootings. Christian was a great protagonist and dealing with him was great. He has a great personality, looks fantastic and performed great once the lights turned on! This image shows him just ...

Destination Intranet?

You need a great headshot for the intranet? Or a professional business headshot for the new brochure? Look no further, get one of the best headshot photographer in London: Simply call 07878 487825 to enquire!