Are you going to be the next hero in your field/company? Are you the one who’s going to rock your department and be the next sparkling star in finance/insurance/property/cheesesandwichemanufacturing?

Be Your Own Brand Manager

Make sure you’re ready for the big bang. People need to be prepared gradually for big things to happen to not be overwhelmed.

If you believe you’re the next Steve jobs, Oprah Winfrey or Barack Obama make sure you start shaping your personality well ahead of time. If you turn up like Messiah out of nowhere the people around you may not be ready to accept you as what you believe you are. Make them be prepared and help them follow your transformation so that when you become a star it feels all so natural.

Help Others to be Ready to Help You

Make sure to start building your brand early. As much as you can create a bestseller product just by creating the right images of it you can create a bestselling personality just by using the right visual impression (outstanding business headshots). Pair this impression with body language and your professional output and you’re on the best way to become successful. This is particularly true because most of your competitors aren’t even aware of it. So use the chances you have to your advantage.

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