Every photograph used in corporate publications such as annual reports, websites or the intranet, social media or print publications affects how people judge us in terms of our competence and professionalism. Closing deals, signing important contracts or just getting the job or position we desire, all this depends on our visual impression on others. This client-side perception can increase or decrease our rate of success significantly and can make the difference between making or breaking a deal.

Corporate Headshots for your success!

As an experienced portrait photographer I create outstanding and impressive business headshots of you and your team that make an impact and add to your success. Be it heroic light-shaped portraits of your senior executives or lively-casual shots of your team in their genuine work environment, my expertise and experience in both classic portrait photography and high-turnover shootings and the post-shooting processes inevitably involved will save you an enormous amount of work, time and trouble and provide the results that you need to succeed.

Corporate Headshots in London

How I work: Precise, on the point, fast and efficient. No fuss, no bla and no delays caused by technical issues. I carry backup systems with me to ensure frictionless procedures.

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