An outstanding iconic business portrait not only underlines your personality, but it also helps you convey an image of professionalism and expertise.

Invest in Personal Branding. Promote Yourself, become an Expert!

Imagine you are looking for someone to help you in a difficult legal matter. A matter only an expert could be of any significant help. So you start investigating and you do your research, you probably do that online because that’s the fastest way of finding new resources today. You find a couple of potentially suitable solicitors with more or less equal formal qualifications.

A Professional Corporate Headshot Can Make You Likeable

Now, how are you going to make a decision about who to contact? You don’t, your instinct does (or your guts, if you prefer)!

You will most likely go for the candidate that appears to be the most competent/tough/lovely/whatever one, you name it. Subconsciously your mind compares what it sees and it evaluates different factors with values stored in your memory.

Business Headshot Photographers Know How to Underline Your Personality

No one knows that you are an expert unless they’ve met or communicated with you. That’s a fact you cannot change! However, the impression we make on others is almost always determined by the first visual impression. This impression is formed within seconds and it usually remains in someone’s mind until proven wrong.

How can we Take Advantage of This Very Human Reflex?

The good side of this—sometimes quite unhelpful—human instinct/reflex is that we can use it to our very own advantage. If any image of ourselves—real or on media—makes an immediate impression on a person who’s seeing it, then we just have to control the visual ‘message’ we’re putting into that image. In real life this means: Dress and groom well, have a kind facial expression. In a photograph the same rules apply, but with one significant difference: We can actively add extra expression to emphasise certain desirable traits or make unwanted traits less apparent. We have all the time we need to create a certain impression in a still image, which we almost never have in real life.

The Human Brain Works fast and Efficient, but Emotionless

The human brain doesn’t take into account the origin of an image or the way it was produced. It simply does its job by evaluating and classifying the image information it’s been provided with.

Remember: If you need a tough bulldog, you’re not going with someone that appears shy and introvert in his profile image. Likewise, if you are looking for someone likeable for a certain task, you are unlikely going to go for someone who looks like a hard cookie!