How have your last business headshots come out in the end after a studio or location session? Were you happy? Did they show your genuine ‘you‘? Did they convey an impression of professionalism, trust, expertise?

Professional Business Headshots Photographers are Your Allies!

Look out for an excellent portrait photographer in your area as he will be the right one to provide you with excellent corporate headshots or any other kind of business photography, either in his studio in central London or on location. Make this photographer your ally, he will help you build your brand or modify an existing one, should you have built one already.

Stay With the Same Ally Until You’ve Won the Game

Once you’ve found one of the good photographers in London who do excellent corporate headshots and once you’ve seen the results he delivers, you should start into a lifelong collaboration that builds on trust and mutual empathy.

Why is this so important? Well, imagine you have a gardener who comes once per week to take care of your roses. Wouldn’t you agree that you will develop a much closer relationship to that particular gardener than you would to any other gardener who came only in once and would then be replaced by another?

And would you not also agree that that gardener will develop a certain loyalty and hopefully empathy towards you which will inevitably result in a greater willingness to invest some extra effort, even if that’s not paid for? Well, I strongly believe that this is the case, because in the end we’re all humans and we all are more likely to help others if we feel appreciated and respected.

Get a Life Coach, Get a Social Media Consultant, Get a Gardener and Make Sure you Get an Excellent Portrait Photographer!

People do get all kinds of consultants these days. Consultants for social media, for finance, for human resources management, for this and for that. But one of the things many of us neglect is the consultant that helps building our ‘personal brand’.

Barack Obama, Emmanuel Macron, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, to name a few only, all these extra-successful people have (or had) excellent personal branding consultants who help them build their personal brand, to make them look professional, likeable, like true experts and—most importantly—trustworthy. Do not believe that any of these branding consultants would have accepted an image to be published that wasn’t aligned with their specific personal branding strategy!

Coperations Large and Small Fail in Human Brand Building

Still, I do see it every day. I see huge legal law firms with hundreds of associates and offices all around the world. Everyone who sees the list of offices and associates must immediately believe they must be the best in their field. But then, when I look at the list of their associates I feel goose pimples creeping up my whole body! Each headshot looks different. Some are blurry, some are badly cropped. Most of them have different backgrounds, the lighting is awful.

If I had to look up any of those associates for a business matter that involves high risk or a high financial involvement, I’d be uncertain who to choose. Of course, nobody doubts the seriosity of these firms, but then how can a company with all these financial resources try to save money on some headshots of their most valuable assets, their associates?

It should be their foremost goal to make their most important assets shine!