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Professional business headshots help you build trust

We all know that when we meet someone the very first time we either like or dislike that person. Some of us may not feel a strong like or dislike, but we all subconsciously know whether we trust someone or we don’t. This ‘decision’, the subconscious evaluation of someone else happens just within the first fractions of seconds while we first see someone.

The quality of corporate headshots is important

And although—of course—it is not only the visual appearance but also the body language that forms an image of someone else in our mind without us even noticing, the visual appearance is often enough for this first evaluation to happen, especially if there is no body language or voice we can observe or hear.

Put as much personality into your business portrait as you possibly can

So what does that mean for our ‘non-personal’ business interactions? It means that even though someone might not see us in person but on a picture only he or she still undergoes the same process of subconsciously evaluating us. The human brain uses what it has available to make a quick decision. If it only has an image at hand, then it simply uses that image exclusively and the decision whether to trust us or not is being made within a very short moment.